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Yo, I'm Sora, 23, college graduate, with a full time job and an obsession with pretending to know how to draw.

Eat your veg it'll help you see in the dark or some shit
Yay 200 pieces am  I right!
Bare with me I've  nearly completed an entire bottle of wine. Oops.
So yeah shit has literally hit the fan lately and I'm tipsy enough to actually talk about it. Why I've chosen an art website where no one looks at anything and no one has a personal connection to me? Well 12% alcohol and I can rant without being judged so how bout that.
So, basically, at the moment, I am homeless (again, woop de fuckin do).
Now no, I'm not on the street and I have it much better than the last time, my grandparents gave me a cot in their basement, but nothing compares to having a place of your own you know?
Anyways, so how this shit all started.
So august... 8th i think, i went out of town. This was gonna be fun I was going to a friends house for a week, i finally had enough vacation hours to do what  I like and get paid for it, I was gonna see my collage roommate and it was gonna be bomb af. So i get down there and lemme tell you-it was bomb. for the first two days or so. 
So August 11th, i get a call from Shelly-whom you don't know but what the fuck ever. Anyway, she says mom is going to be sent to rehab.
Wait, what?
So yeah, I knew my mom was an alcoholic, we were working on it and I had gotten her down from a fucking 5th of vodka a day to a bomber of beer a night. I thought we were making progress. But no, the moment I was gone she went right back to her old ways, started popping handfuls of pain killers and drowning them in booze.
Like what the shit.
So at first I was like "you know what, fine. This is good for her. She needs it, yes, fine, she'll be gone a month, rent has been paid, and I can raise the money for next month by myself so long as she has a little in her account."
Thinking all is well I continue with my vacation...
I fucking got a call, two days before I go home, that moms rent check has bounced and I needed to pay 100 more than her half of the rent, or move out in a WEEK.
say what.
Also,keep in mind I dont drive. Like im legally blind, i got phobias, i got anxiety, thats just not realistic. 
So i start panicking and get home a day early and try to call my work to ask for more hours to pay this-naw bitch you already scheduled for 50 hours you can't do more. Well i call her work trying to explain the situation-the most they could offer me was to keep her on the insurance (in which im very grateful cause she's still on even today)
That leaves me with the only option: GTFO.
So betweeeeeen living with my grandparents-walking to work every day- i got the entire apartment packed up with the help of my friends ( i love you long time) and i got it cleaned and set and by the final day, we were cleaned out and perfect before noon and that was done. 
or so i thought. 
see,... mom smoked. and i tried to get it up, but she fucking had ash trailing from her desk to her bed, and the layers of shit in her bathroom that she had never cleaned.
anyway, so the total for all her damages, her missed and late rent, and all the fun stuff was almost $1500.
now what.
so fastforward to her getting out of rehab: by the way SHE WAS KICKED OUT BECAUSE SHE WAS TOO WEAK TO WALK. The alcohol had eaten so much of her fuckin brain that her memory lasts 4 minutes, that her legs are weak and she had to use a walker for the first 2 months, and that she adopted the personality of a child. like wouldn't even brush her hair (we native american bitch, you hair is thick, your hair is waist long, i just had to cut it all off her head cause it was nothing but mats.) 
Fastforward to today, I'm still in grandparents basement. I can't afford rent up here cause it's insane. She is cleared to go back to work next month but i don't trust a hair on her head. I mean fuck. what am i to do now. I'm going to move up to MA next august that's a done deal. so... yeah.
anyway that's my life right now, sorry for the inactivity. I'll get more art up soon just...y eah there is a lot happening.
also my doggo has gone to bed without me i should probably get off
gnight everyone. thanks for listening. more art to ya soon. if you would like to place a commission for art just let me know below, we'll work it out and i wouldn't charge much for my shit stuff. 
  • Listening to: SizzleBird -Elixir
  • Reading: Survivors by Erin Hunter
  • Watching: ghost adventures
  • Playing: skyrim
  • Eating: nah
  • Drinking: Blue moscatel- Navarra spain

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